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Beach & Bar

Ageri is Potos' favourite chillout bar

    Ageri Bar

    Located right on the beach under the shadow of olive trees, Lysistrata’s private lounge bar, Ageri, waits for you.

    Whether you are a guest or a visitor, you can easily access our bar either from the hotel entrance or while taking a walk on the beach. Find yourself relaxing on one of our many comfortable sunbeds next to the islandʼs clear waters while enjoying your favorite beverage.

    Pop in for a glass of refreshing juice, a coffee or a cool beer during the hot summer day, and enjoy reading a book or the company of your friends while lounging on the chaise-longues on the outside deck.

    Ageri Beach Bar | Lysistrata Bungalows, Potos Thassos

    Savor a cocktail at the bar while watching the sunset or linger a little longer to experience the spectacular starry night sky with the company of people from all over the world. With its welcoming and friendly staff, Ageri bar offers you an unforgettable holiday experience day and night.


    09:30 – 00:00 Off-Season
    09:00 – 01:00 Season

    Our Beach

    Our beach is headed west and has a lovely view of Athos mountain showing itself and disappearing at different times of the day. It is the vital part of Ageri bar during the hot summer days.

    The use of outdoor showers located in our garden is reserved for our bungalow guests only, while all of our bar customers are welcomed to use a small children area placed in the shade right next to the entrance to the beach.

    No matter time of the season, we make sure our beach is never overcrowded with sunbeds and umbrellas, so our guests can truly relax and enjoy their time by the sea. To make this happen, we ask our guest kindly to follow a few simple rules.

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