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Facilities & Services

Chillout Beach Bar

Whether you are a guest or a visitor, you can easily access our bar either from the hotel entrance or while taking a walk on the beach. Find yourself relaxing on one of our many comfortable sunbeds next to the islandʼs clear waters while enjoying your favorite beverage. See gallery

Beautiful Green Garden

We take great pride in our garden and are so often complimented for it. Thank you! If you check the map of Potos, the greenest area of the village is actually Lysistrata. You can pick fruits, use our herbs to spice up your family lunch or simply enjoy the view from your bungalow’s patio.   See gallery

Spacious Private Parking

Located in the shades of olive trees, Lysistrata’s private parking space is spacious enough to make sure all of our guests can use it at all times. It is reserved specifically for the guests of our accommodation.  See gallery