Theologos was the capital of the island during the Byzantine period and during the Turkish era. Today is declared as a traditional village and is one of the most graphic mountain villages of Thassos. Here, you can see the stone houses and some industrial monuments of the previous century. In a center spot of the village, lies the mansion of the Thassian warlock Chatzigiorgis, a magnificent building complex where today the folklore museum of the cultural group is set. The museum needs some extra care although, to become a proper civilization center. A few meters away, you can see “Konaki” which was the Headquarters during the Turkish era but nowadays is threatened by decay and neglect. At the center of Theologos there are three churches. The church of Panagia (Holy Mary, of the 16th century), the church of St. Paraskeui (1833) and St. Dimitrios (1803) where you can see its famous wooden temple. All of them are remarkable samples of the Thassian church architecture. The old cobbled road which starts in front of the church of St. Dimitrios is a wonderful path for a walk. It goes on next to the river, passes next to the traditional industrial buildings –two mills and one lime furnace- and head up to the waterfall at the area of Kefalogourna. There, you can find another two mills and the remains of the old aqueduct. At the bottom of the village, the oil mill still remains in good condition. Maybe someday it could be used to host an Olive Oil museum. Finally, the people of Theologos built houses of high aesthetic and unique architecture. For example, the mansion of Helen Jiata, and the house of the famous Greek writer Vasilis Vasilikos. Over the last years, many houses that couldn't be restored due to the high cost, were sold to people from abroad, mostly German and British. Today the village is famous for its good food, and the recreation of the Thassian Wedding custom at the end of June.