Kinira, surrounded by olive trees, is a very nice village and it has an amazing beach and an homonymous small island nearby. People say that at Kinira location there are ancient gold mines. This charming story goes way behind to the age of the Phoenix, since these were the first and probably the only who saw the color of gold in Thassos.

According to the tradition, the Phoenix, established for some period in Thassos, without leaving any trace behind, expect the two names of Kinira and Enira. The worship of Iraklis is attributed to them as well. Iraklis became the protector god of Thassos. Next to Kinira there is the famous beach of Makriammos, known of course as Paradise Beach which is famous for its shallow and crystal waters.

The area at Paradise Beach looks like an exotic island, due to the waves and the light green color of the water. A special place is the cape of Babouras. There, despite swimming and fishing you can also explore and do some bird watching.