Starting from Skala Maries, there is a road which goes up the mountain through the valley, passes the Monastery of Panagouda (there are some remains of a Byzantium castle nearby) and leads to the village of Maries which nowadays is almost abandoned. This is one of the oldest villages (17th – 18th century), which were built on the side of the hill so they can be protected from the pirates.

All of those villages, included Maries, experienced a declined history when the seaside villages started to grow and consume the majority of the people. Following the same road that lead us to Maries, at about 500 meters away you can see the natural dam which creates a small and beautiful lake. A little bit further, you can find Genna, an area of rare natural beauty where the Forest Service has built a nice wooden shelter where you can rest.

As another mountain village of Thassos, Marie's houses have magnificent architecture. The iron mines, even though they are abandoned, they haven’t lost their old glory. Today, the village remains a peaceful and calm place. Another sightsee is the lake of Maries, 2-3 km away from the village.